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I am a songwriter, composer and in the past, had a successful live performance act. I’ve included songs I have written in my act and some people like my songs so much that they bought my demos at the shows.

I have had my song assessed by The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers and they found the production and arrangement together with lyrics and structure to be of an excellent standard and just right for submitting to Publishers, Artistes, Record Companies, Producers and Managers.

I would also like to sell my songs and with this in mind a few years ago I started a record label called ‘Trillion Records’ to promote my songs. I made a couple of albums the first of which brought me a little luck. I was surprised when I received a call from Chaz, a Radio Presenter at BBC Leicester. He said that he listened to my album and found it interesting and played two of my songs on the air. He said if I should come to Leicester any time to give him a call, we could have a chat and he would be willing to play some of my songs on air.

Unfortunately I never did take up the offer, my reason being, I didn’t have any records in the shops to sell. I didn’t have the money to press records and I wanted to get away from the performance side of things and concentrate on selling my songs. So that was an opportunity lost.

I also spoke to other Radio presenters outside of London to whom I have sent copies of my records. Places like BBC Liverpool, Wales, Kent etc., and they said that they would be interested to have me on their shows but I live too far away. Yet more opportunities lost.

The upside was, I earned a few pounds in royalties! I hope you enjoy listening to my songs.



I hope you enjoy listening to my songs

Please get in touch if you would like me to send the lyric sheet 
and the full version of any of my songs

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